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MaxServe Hospice is seeking to add local pastors, staff and church members to our team. Anyone interested in this part-time opportunity, should contact the office closest to you. We look forward to ministering alongside your church to support those patients and families receiving hospice care in your community.

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a local opportunity

Churches are always looking for ways to impact their local community. MaxServe Hospice wants to partner with you and your church to serve your community in a very unique way.


a personal touch

MaxServe Hospice is looking to serve our hospice patients by partnering with local churches, pastors and staff. Your church can be a part of the hospice journey with your church members.


a special season

Hospice is more than healthcare. It encompasses medical, emotional, spiritual and other needs. Your church can help meet some of those needs by visiting hospice patients on a regular basis.


a familiar face

Hospice patients and their families experience the gamut of emotions. Whether expected or sudden, the transition to hospice is a very sensitive subject. MaxServe Hospice wants to support that transition by bringing familiar faces into the conversation.


a caring heart

Partnering with local churches, pastors and staff, MaxServe Hospice can help minister to your church members and local community. We want to combine our heart for excellent healthcare with your heart for your people and your community.

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